The Composition Coach

Coaching instead of lessons

Important – if not the most important – parts of composing are imagination, creativity and fantasy. Something that, in my humble opinion, is difficult to teach. Creativity and fantasy can be stimulated, we call that inspiration. In addition, there is the technical side of composing, the craft. How do you translate the wonderful feeling and idea you have into a full-fledged composition that is written in notes on paper and which can then be translated by musicians into sounding music? The balance between the craft, the creativity and fantasy determines whether the feeling you want to share is expressed and also whether a composition succeeds or not.

With my knowledge, experience and ideas I help you with the composingprocess. During inspiring coaching sessions we work towards a successful end result.

From computer to practice

with beautiful software packages for notating and listening to music it is nowadays a lot easier to write a composition and make a nice score. You can simply listen back to what you have created and then tinker with it until it sounds the way you want. In practice, however, a composition can be difficult to perform, or it may not sound as beautiful as you hoped. What sounds good from the computer for a certain instrument, can be difficult or even impossible to do in practice. That’s disappointing for the composer, but also for the musicians who will be playing your composition. After all, you want them to make the piece sound as good as possible with enthusiasm and dedication. In order to realize that, you have to take into account the possibilities and wishes.

What I can help with

A lot of experience and knowledge of all instruments is needed to know how they work, what’s possible or difficult and how to write them down best. I can help you with this. I also provide direction in realizing the form of a composition, the transitions, the development of themes, the use of harmony and the application of polyphony and counterpoint. We do this by viewing, listening to and discussing your composition(s). In addition, we also look at – and possibly analyze – the creations of other composers. Subjects where we wil talk about in connection to your composition(s):

  • Melody & Themes
  • Harmony use
  • Rhythmic Applications
  • Polyphony
  • Counterpoint
  • Analysis
  • Form
  • Accompaniment
  • Instrumentation

For every level

Are you a composer and are you looking for inspiration, tips and a fresh look at your work already made or new creations you are working on? Are you running into certain issues? Or do you want to learn more about certain instruments? Then I’ll be happy to help. The coaching sessions are tailor-made, person-oriented and suitable for every level. Beginning composers are also very welcome.

Anton Weeren Composer Dutch Wind Music

My experience

My name is Anton Weeren, composer, arranger and publisher of sheet music for wind bands. As a professional trumpeter and conductor I have more than 25 years of experience with scores of all kinds of compositions at all levels. Most styles are familiar to me, from baroque and classical to pop music and from rock and jazz to modern contemporary music. Most of my work as a conductor took place with wind orchestras: harmony, fanfare, brass band, wind ensembles and student orchestras. In addition to the usual repertoire, I regularly conducted my own compositions and arrangements, so that I could immediately hear what I had come up with at home at my desk. This fast feedback taught me a lot. Not only about my own pieces, but also about what others made.

Coaching Strip cards:

Below are three strip cards to follow the coaching sessions.  1, 6 and 12 represent the number of sessions that you purchase in advance. The sessions are individual, last 2 hours at a time and can be followed both digitally and in real life. After purchasing the strip card I will contact you within 24 hours so that we can schedule an appointment. Do you have questions? Then contact me via:


Wilco Moerman – composer and arranger of wind- & film music:

Anton has a broad musical knowledge which he likes to pass on with great enthusiasm and passion. He has a broad knowledge of style and knows how to inspire you again and again, through his clear way of explaining. His critical view provides a broader perspective in which you can further develop your own work. My personal experience is that the work definitely gets better!

Bas Clabbers – composer and arranger of wind music:

Anton is a very compassionate teacher. Based on his thorough knowledge, he knows how to analyze every musical situation and improve it if necessary. His skills are not limited to one style, so he knows how to create the right atmosphere. His patience, humor, adaptability, structure and timing make him a skilled, but above all pleasant teacher.

Federico Briccarello – composer of symphonic music for film & theatre:

Anton gives great lessons in composing. As a former orchestra player and conductor, he knows how to give good advice on all fronts to make a beautiful piece of music. Really good lessons from a great teacher.

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