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Composers Vincent Verhage, Ruud Mourik and Anton Weeren have composed new compositions for beginning and advanced student orchestras.

Playing together is not only fun but also very educational. That’s why it’s preferable to start this as soon as possible. Preferably immediately after someone has started playing a musical instrument. It is a goal and mission to allow music students to take their first steps in a fun and educational way. The three, four or more voice wind music with percussion we have published is particularly suitable for this purpose.

We have suitable sheet music for every line-up of student orchestras, which can be downloaded directly from the webshop. If the desired line-up is not included? Let us know! We make a suitable version for any desired line-up, quickly and with pleasure.

In addition, we are organizing the Dutch Wind Music Youth Play-in especially for beginning students on June 10, together with harmonie vereniging Crescendo in Sliedrecht. Conductor Vincent Verhage will spend a whole day studying our student orchestra music with a student orchestra of up to 75 musicians.

First Music Fun 1, 2 & 3

Anton Weeren composed three music books with three-part pieces of music and percussion for beginning music students. First Music Fun 1, 2 & 3.  The three part music can be divided under different instruments.


Each book is composed of twelve songs in various styles, rhythms, time signatures and keys. The books follow each other in difficulty, whereby the three voices can also be played without the percussion parts. Take a quick look at the three books: First Music Fun 1, First Music Fun 2 & First Music Fun 3.

Lost in Space & Liberty Fanfare

Vincent Verhage has written music for a small band that we call smart band. Smart band is a concert band or fanfare orchestra with slightly fewer instruments and therefore excellent for smaller or less complete orchestras and ensembles. Why would you have 4 voiced horn parts when many small orchestras are already happy if they have 1 or 2 horn players. Don’t have one but four? Then the pieces still sound super good.

Lost in Space en Liberty Fanfare

Lost in Space” and “Liberty Fanfareare the first two compositions by Vincent Verhage that we can supply in this line-up.

Watch and listen to the examples:

Lost in Space is a solo for trumpet with the accompaniment of a concert band

Liberty Fanfare is a glitzy short opening fanfare for wind band and fanfare orchestra.

Rhythm and Melody

Ruud Mourik  wrote with “Rhythm and Melody” a piece that can be played very well not only by a large orchestra, but also with a smaller instrumentation, because it is made for five voices and percussion.

In Rhythm and Melody all instrumentalists have to clap a rhythm in the first part before they start playing their instruments. All this accompanied by an extensive percussion line-up, which makes this piece particularly suitable for playing together with a percussion group or drum band.

Extra handy that if there is little percussion available Rhythm and Melody can also be played with just a drum kit.

Custom music!

Now that more and more composers are joining us, we are even better able to deliver tailor-made music for every style and instrumentation. Is the instrumentation you want for a certain composition not available? Then let us know! We are happy to provide an instrumentation or arrangement of the work you want.


Meanwhile, a number of composers are busy preparing their compositions or arrangements for publication. These will soon be available in our handy webshop. We are also currently working on new publications in a whole new category: “Music & Film/Narrator” in which we will offer music that can be performed together with a film or narrator. You will hear more about this soon through our newsletter and social media channels. So keep a close eye on these. With musical regards

Anton Weeren
Dutch Wind Music

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