New website

The moment has arrived:

Dutch WInd Music Publications opens the doors of its own digital web store. We have worked hard to build this (though we say it ourselves )  well-arranged functional webshop so that you can easily purchase the desired sheet music for your orchestra.

How does it work:

We work with four main categories: Concert Band, Fanfare Band, Brass Band and Student Orchestra.  In this way it is easy to find music that suits the line-up of your orchestra. If you have found the music you are looking for you can create an account and then place the order. After you have transferred the amount via IDeal or Creditcard you will receive a link in your account where you can download your sheet music in the form of a downloadable pdf file (full-score & parts)  A watermark with a license which is only valid for your orchestra will automatically appear on the pdf files you have purchased.

For more information about what you can and cannot do with the files of the sheet music which you purchase from us, I refer to the terms and conditions that can be found at the bottom of our homepage.  You will also find in the same place our privacy policy  in which we have clearly set out our duties and responsibilities with regard to ensuring your privacy.

Coming up soon:

In the coming weeks we will gradually add new compositions and arrangements to our web store.  Downloadable digital sheet music of compositions and arrangements for Concert Band, Fanfare Band, Brass Band and Student Orchestra.

Dutch Wind Music will also present its store in three other languages as quickly as possible. In addition to Dutch, we are currently completing the English version of the webshop. When this is completely ready we will also add the German and French language.


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