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Piano Excerpt from Concerto for Trumpet

Anton Weeren wrote this virtuoso Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra for Jeroen Schippers, solo trumpet player of the Dutch Marine Band of the Royal Navy. It’s a challenging work for both the soloist and the orchestra, in which the typical concerto style emerges. Overall, this work consists of an opening, five subsequent movements based on the opening and a solo cadenza.

Anton has made a piano excerpt from the orchestral score to make this work also available for trumpeters who want to be able to perform it with piano accompaniment. Are you up for the challenge? Click below for more information or add this beautiful piece directly to your shopping cart.

Concerto for Trumpet

Anton Weeren
  • Solo Trumpet in C and Bb
  • Piano accompaniment
  • Direct Download
Concerto for Trumpet - Piano Uittreksel

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