Cartoon Festival March

  • Composer: Wilco Moerman
  • Instrumentation: Fanfare Band
  • Duration: Ca. 4,20 min.
  • Difficulty: Grade 4

With this frivolous march by Wilco Moerman you immediately create the right positive atmosphere with the orchestra to start your performance or concert. This cheerful work takes you to the secret world behind the comic strips and cartoons. A place where all comic book heroes, cartoon characters and animations coexist in one world. Once a year there is the Cartoon Festival: the event where the cartoon characters sing, dance, eat, drink and party until the late hours. The day starts with a cheerful procession followed by the aubade after which 1,000 colored balloons are released. The big party has begun!

Watch here: Cartoon Festival March FB – Example

Listen here: Cartoon Festival March CB – digital recording



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