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Klezz of ’19

  • Composer: David Kweksilber
  • Transcription: Anton Weeren
  • Instrumentation: Fanfare Band
  • Duration: Ca. 5,55 min.
  • Difficulty: Grade 4

David Kweksilber has listened a lot to historical Klezmer recordings by Naftule Brandwein and Dave Tarras, and as an instrumentalist he also took lessons from virtuosos such as David Krakauer and Andy Statman. The character and sound of this music serves as inspiration for Kweksilber’s own compositions. At the end of the 1990s, this resulted in “Klezz of ’99”, which he was able to premiere in a groovy danceable context with the New Cool Collective Big Band. Twenty years later it was time for an anniversary piece: Klezz of ’19. Which he premiered with his band: “The Oisters” during the 2020 New Year’s concert at the Bimhuis. Anton Weeren has made this masterful piece available for wind band and fanfare orchestra. David Kweksilber likes to participate as a soloist during the performances of this super fun piece.

Watch here: Klezz of 19 FB – Example

Listen here: Klezz of 19 Concert Band – Digital Recording




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