La Pietà

  • Composer: Federico Briccarello
  • Instrumentation: Concert Band
  • Duration: Ca. 3.25 min.
  • Difficulty: Grade 2
La Pietà (The Mercy in English) was written in February 2020 for the theater show “Pentecost” staged by the students of West London University. The original instrumentation, (choir and organ), illuminates the moment a painting of The Mercy (the moment Mother Mary holds the corpse of Jesus) is unveiled in a church before being destroyed. The chorus repeats a sort of mantra “Pietas Domine, Deus Pietas” (Mercy my Lord, God Mercy). In the concert band version you have here, the pain of Mother Mary, the world and the wonder for the beauty of art are beautifully expressed.


Listen here: La Pietà – CB – Digital Recording


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