Marche Nuptiale

  • Composer: Charles-Marie Widor
  • Arranger: Peter Bongaerts
  • Instrumentation: Fanfare Band
  • Duration: Ca. 5.40 min.
  • Difficulty: Grade 5

The “Marche Nuptiale” was first written as theater music for the play Conte d’Avril by the French playwrighter and poet Auguste-Léon Dorchain. This was a four act comedy based on William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. After several versions, including one for two pianos, Charles-Marie Widor finally transcribed the “Marche Nuptiale” for organ in 1892. Peter Bongaerts beautifully arranged this work for concert band.

Watch here: Marche Nuptiale FB – Example

Listen here: Marche Nuptiale CB – Digital Recording


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