Sars19 – The Extermination

  • Composer: Flávio Expedito Oliveira
  • Arrangement: Anton Weeren
  • Instrumentation: Fanfare Band
  • Duration: Ca. 8.00 min.
  • Difficulty: Grade 4

This work, written during the pandemic, is a musical musical expression of the emergence of SARS-CoV-2, known as Covid19. The pandemic that broke out in 2019 has deprived us of many freedoms. The piece starts with a chorale that is brutally interrupted by brass and percussion (just like the virus did with our freedom). The hectic and tense daily life that follows is portrayed in the Allegro followed by a silence that portrays the helplessness of mankind and is a tribute to those we lost by the virus. From the Moderato onwards, the army, police, doctors and health workers have been working hard to eradicate this virus. The latter is hopefully depicted at the end of this work with loud tutti strikes and an aggressive downward triplet movement.

Watch here: Sars 19 FB – Example

Listen here: Sars19 CB – Digital Recording


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