• Composer: Bas Clabbers
  • Instrumentation: Concert Band
  • Duration: Ca. 11.30 min.
  • Difficulty: Grade 5

SHAHNAMEH – Tales from the Persian Book of Kings. The Persian Book of Kings is an epic written as poetry by the poet Ferdowsi around AD 1010. It is a three-part book in which all kinds of social themes from that time are discussed, such as domestication of animals, wars, beautiful princesses, brave princes and the development from Persia to Iran. The music is not a collection of ancient Persian sounds of traditional melodies, but a representation made by the composer when reading the colorful words in the book. His empathy of having lived at a Persian court at that time laid the foundation for this sparkling work.

Watch here: SHAHNAMEH – Example

Listen here: SHAHNAMEH – Digital Recording


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