Ruud Mourik

About the Composer

Ruud Mourik completed his percussion studies at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague in December 1971.
From 1976 to 2012 he taught percussion at the municipal music school, later the Koorenhuis, in The Hague.
For 30 years he gave school concerts with the Residentie Slagwerk Ensemble in the Netherlands and Belgium.

In 2006 he started to provide music stimulation to children with a Cochlear Implant at the Audiology Department of the Leiden University Medical Center, and also taught the deaf and hard of hearing.

In 1972 he was commissioned by the Holland Festival. He also wrote for the Residentie Orkest and the Municipal Music School in The Hague, and he was commissioned to compose compositions for Gouda Cultuurstad, Gorinchem Cultuurstad and “The Hague 750 years”.

With the work "Regina Magna" won the consolation prize of a composition competition for composers of the Benelux. In 1990 he won a Dutch composition competition with “Chinese Holiday”, a composition for percussion trio.

"What does a trumpet sound like?
We can't tell.
We say quickly: "tetteketet" for trumpet
and even a flute sounds different than when we whistle a melody ourselves.
That's what makes music so beautiful and special.
We listen to it and only then do you know, that's how the trumpet sounds!
But we can't tell…………………."

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